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Product Features

Mortar Mix: A plasticising/ air-entraining for bricklaying and plastering mortars. It improves the workability of mortar for masonry, brickwork and sand/cement rendering, whilst also improving the frost resisance by entraining air

Waterproofer: A standard setting, liquid integral waterproofer for use in mortar, render and concrete. It prevents the passage of water through pores in cementitious material

Dyes: Available in black, red and yellow. Can be mixed with concrete or mortar to add a coloured finish to the product. 

  • Mortar Mix: To be mixed with Mortar
  • Waterproofer: To be mixed with concrete, render and mortar
  • Dyes: To be mixed with concrete or mortar


Type Option
Additives Mortar Mix 5L
Additives Mortar Mix 25L
Additives Waterproofer 5L
Additives Dyes
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