Quality Control

W&J Chambers

Quality Policy

W&J Chambers operates and maintains a third party accredited Quality Management System (Factory production control), which complies with the International Standards. The company has over time built up an excellent reputation for competitiveness, reliability, quality, and service.

All employees, sub-contractors, test houses and suppliers contribute to our goal of continuously improving our products and services and in maintaining our Quality Management system and accreditations. This requires the consistent application of our Quality Management System and agreed policies and procedures. Our line management is directly responsible for the implementation of the Quality Management System.

W&J Chambers promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of our operations, service and products. In this way, we ensure that Chambers remains the number one choice for our customers.

Our summary objectives are to:

  • Meet the reasonable expectations of our customers for products and services
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Continually improve our products and services
  • Provide the resources to achieve these objectives Specific objectives and
    targets are defined by the senior management team and these are regularly
    reviewed as part of the management review process. The company ensures
    that all employees are fully conversant with these objectives.

The senior management team ensures that the quality policy aligns with and
supports the company’s strategic objectives and plans.

Our Manufacturing Process


Our Manufacturing Process



0050 – CPR – 1056


0050 – CPR – 1216


0050 – CPR – 1217


BN EN 206 and BS 8500

CTS (Construction Testing Services) provide independent, UKAS accredited, materials testing services for W&J Chambers. Samples are transported to the CTS laboratory, various tests are carried out including geometrical, physical, durability, strength, moisture, and chemical tests. Results are documented and analysed by our Quality Team. 

Mattest provides a construction material testing service for W&J Chambers. Mattest, an independent, UKAS accredited laboratory performs a comprehensive range of material testing to all relevant British, Irish and European standards. Results are recorded and sent to our Quality Team for analysis.