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Beach Cobbles

Add Beach Cobbles to enhance the decorative finish of your next landscaping project.

Product Features

Beach Cobbles have a smooth rounded finish and are a firm favourite due to their assortment of soft natural pastel colours including greys, tans, blues and pinks. When wet the colours of the cobbles are enhanced.

These cobbles will brighten up any area of the garden and are very effective when mixed with contrasting stones to add interest and provide an eye-catching display.

Available in two sizes: 20mm cobble and 40mm cobble


These Scottish cobbles are used to create a beach effect for pathways, rock pools, rockeries, water features, flowerbeds, house edging, and garden borders to name a few. 

Quality & Performance

Our Beach Cobbles are sourced sustainability from Scotland.

To prevent weeds emerging through the Plum Slate, use a weed prevention membrane.

Purchasing Options

Beach Cobbles (Packed)

Type Option
Beach Cobbles (Packed) 20mm 25kg & Jumbo Bag
Beach Cobbles (Packed) 40mm 25kg & Jumbo Bag
Collection & Delivery Options

Collection of Beach Cobbles are available from our Depot in Drumahoe or Coleraine.

Bagged deliveries will be completed by our delivery service as close to the agreed day/time.

If you would like to see the exact size and colour of the product before ordering a larger quality, please contact us to request a sample or call into one of our depots at Drumahoe or Coleraine.



Please use this calculator to estimate the quantity required for your project.

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