Golden Flint

Decorative Stone

Golden Flint

Add Golden Flint to enhance the decorative finish of your next landscaping project.

Product Features

Golden Flint is a naturally hard-wearing flint product. Golden Flint makes a vibrant addition to any landscape or garden, with it’s illuminating mix of yellows, ambers, golds, neutral creams and earthy browns.

Available in one size: 20mm 


The durability of Golden Flint makes it suitable for paths, driveways and car parks, rockeries and garden edging. 

Quality & Performance

Our Golden Flint is sourced sustainability from Scotland.

To prevent weeds emerging through the Plum Slate, use a weed prevention membrane.

Purchasing Options

Golden Flint (Packed)

Type Option
Golden Flint (Packed) 25kg & Jumbo Bag
Collection & Delivery Options

Collection of Golden Flint is available from our Depot in Drumahoe or Coleraine.

Bagged deliveries will be completed by our delivery service as close to the agreed day/time.

If you would like to see the exact size and colour of the product before ordering a larger quality, please contact us to request a sample or call into one of our depots at Drumahoe or Coleraine.



Please use this calculator to estimate the quantity required for your project.

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